The Misuse of Scripture: New Poetry Chapbook

I’m happy to announce that I have independently published a new chapbook of poems entitled— The Misuse of Scripture: twenty-three poems riffing off of verses from the Bible plus a short non-fiction piece about the time I almost died while hiking in the jungle of the Philippines. 14 of the poems have been previously published in respectable journals like Light, Vita Brevis, and Time of Singing: A Christian Literary Magazine. I’ve chosen to self-publish this time around for a variety of reasons, but the primary one is that I can offer the book at a much lower cost to a public not exactly ravenous for purchasing poetry by little-known poets. In terms of content, the book contains both serious and humorous work, covering topics as varied as environmental degradation and homophobia on the one hand and lighter work (like the difference between Episcopal and Pentecostal worship styles) on the other. This blend of the philosophical/serious with more quotidian/light verse fare seems to be a turn-off for many editors who run competitive poetry chapbook contests but it has consistently delighted many of my readers who also happen to be accomplished poets. You can buy the paperback online here if you wish for $6 ($2.99 for the Kindle version). Cheers!

“Daniel Klawitter is one part Shel Silverstein, one part Dr. Seuss, and several parts I can’t begin to define.”

Chicago-based Book review editor, Barbara Egel, has posted a nice review of my book, The Trickster: Poems for Very Clever Children & Silly Adults, in the new summer/fall 2019 edition of Light.

She goes on to write in the review: “Enhanced by full-page, full-color drawings that leap off the page and into your face (the pickle in a bathtub is not to be missed), this book is what Klawitter does best: it’s a bucket of silliness that hides occasional well-taught lessons that go down easily.

Klawitter is right to offer it to children and adults. Who doesn’t need to hear “Haters” right about now?

Some folks are good at hating.
It’s all they’ve ever known.
They learned it from their parents
And practiced it at home.

I’m not sure why they do it,
But those who feel compelled
To hate those who are different
May really hate themselves.”

The Trickster: Poems for Very Clever Children & Silly Adults—Publication Announcement

Break out the champagne! My new book of poems was published today by White Bird Publications. As of this posting, it was the #1 new release on Kindle in the Children’s Poetry category.

The paperback can be ordered directly from the publisher here.

The poems are fully illustrated in color by the talented Texas-based artist Robyn Crowell. The age range for which the book is intended is children aged 9 to 109. Please consider buying a copy for a child in your life and/or for the child inside of yourself. It is also available for order online at Barns and Noble for the Nook. Best of all, you can special order it at most independent brick and mortar book stores as White Bird Publications distributes nationally and internationally through Ingram.

Here’s a sample:


The Praying Mantis


I think the neatest bug of all

Must be the Praying Mantis—

They know kung fu and it may be true

That they used to rule Atlantis!


They might resemble leaves or sticks—

These masters of disguise.

They can see in true 3-D

(Why not? They have five eyes!)


It’s so cool how they can turn their head

A hundred and eighty degrees!

These carnivores who live outdoors

Have lots of expertise.


And the lady Praying Mantis

Can have a thousand youngsters!

But she sometimes eats the father,

From his head down to his dumpster.




The Trickster: forthcoming book of poems for very clever children & silly adults by Daniel Klawitter

I am happy to offer a sneak peak of the cover for my forthcoming book: The Trickster: Poems for Very Clever Children & Silly Adults. It will be published by White Bird Publications out of Austin, TX in late May/early June and contains full-color illustrations by Robyn Crowell. The poems are appropriate for children age 9 to 109. I will post a link for ordering information once it is released. perf6.000x9.000.indd