Pooled Ink Review of Plato Poetica

Many thanks to Pooled Ink Reviews for the candid and affirming summary of what I was trying to accomplish in my book Plato Poetica.

pooled ink Review: 4 stars

Thank you Daniel Klawitter for reaching out to me with your poetry collection. I’m not a big poetry reader but I figured, why not give it a go? Well, I’m pleasantly surprised and glad I went for it.

Plato Poetica not only draws from Plato himself and the dusty conflict between philosophy and poetry, but it sings with wit, curiosity, sorrow, and a plethora of other human emotions. As I sat in a comfy chair roving the pages, I couldn’t help but let out a few soft snorts of laughter. This is one of those poetry collections that may take inspiration from the ancient and deep, but it spins into something contemporary, relatable, and often quite amusing.

I’m not particularly familiar with writing reviews on poetry but I will say that this was a surprisingly enjoyable read. Poems of all lengths, depths, and subjects fill the pages. And have no fear, this isn’t one of those highfalutin collections that makes you feel condescended to by some oh-so-magnanimous-and-intellectual poet, nor does it drone on ’til you startle from the roar of your snore.

Calling us to question or simply reflect on the world both around and within us, Klawitter writes these poems challenging us to be aware but to not take life quite so seriously. Focusing on a variety of topics from the mundane to the gently convicting, each poem is written with a comfortably casual voice.

Bridging ancient texts with modern notions, Plato Poetica is an amusingly clever collection of poems ranging from brief to lingering, snarky to thoughtful, blunt to expressive.


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